What's my story?

Hi, I'm Tamika. I'm a beach-loving, avocado obsessed 25 year-old living in the beautiful beachside suburb of Bondi, Australia. I have a passion for food, nutrition and healthy living. I am a qualified high school teacher and am currently in my final year a of Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine bachelor degree. My aim is to combine my love for education and health. I created Sproutly as a place where I can share my passion and knowledge for health to help you make healthy changes in your life that leave you feeling your best.

I run a (free) weekly newsletter Nutrition Bite Sized where I send a short email summarising the latest nutrition research, plus a simple recipe or trick to implement this healthy food into your life straight away. If you're confused about how to eat well, or interested in learning more about nutrition, sign up for my newsletter here.

No matter what point of your health journey you are at, I believe the biggest change we can all make is to include more plants in our diet.

You will probably notice that all of my recipes are plant-based, gluten-free and vegan. While I have so much respect for people who commit to a 100% vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, I'm not a fan of using labels for my own dietary choices. For me, I find that labels box you in to a certain way of living and create guilt around occasionally making choices outside of these boundaries. I believe healthy eating is about listening to your body and making choices that make you feel alive

For me this means a mostly plant-based and gluten-free diet, however also being flexible when necessary. Everyone is unique and has different requirements so you may find that you thrive off this lifestyle as well or that you prefer to use some of these recipes to supplement your current way of eating. Do whatever works best for you and remember that it's okay if you don't fit inside a particular box! Healthy eating is about taking the time to experiment with what works best for your body, what makes you feel the happiest and what is most sustainable in the long-term for you

I hope that my recipes can inspire you at whatever stage of your health journey you may be at.

Yours in good health,



Why start Sproutly Stories?


The world has become enveloped by the fast-paced.

Fast cars, fast internet, fast fixes and, of course, fast food.

Cooking helps us slow down and enjoy the world, although we've been convinced otherwise.

From 10-minute recipes to just about anything that will get in your mouth ASAP, people are being driven away from the kitchen. We are growing increasingly disconnected from our food, particularly regarding how it is made and where it comes from.

Sproutly Stories' plant-based recipes are designed for people who love to cook or who want to learn to use cooking as a creative outlet. The recipes are fun and simple, but not at the expense of using real food.

10-minute recipes and frozen meals are so boring! Get back in the kitchen and do something interesting. Don't fear the saucepan!


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